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About Me

After pursuing my studies on a part-time basis while raising my children, I enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Stellenbosch in 2004. In 2006, I registered as a Counselling Psychologist after obtaining my Master’s degree (cum laude).

I completed my internship with an NGO, Good Hope Psychological Services under the supervision of Elzabé Broekmann (Counselling Psychologist and founder member of this NGO) and her husband, Prof. Neil Broekmann, thereby gaining valuable experience in both clinical and counselling settings.

While building up my private practice, I remained in the employ of the NGO offering counselling services at a number of schools in the area, and worked very closely with the local social workers. At the same time, I rendered services at our local FAMSA branch, gaining rich and diverse experience in dealing with family related matters. I qualified as a mediator with FAMAC and am very actively involved in the drafting of parenting plans to guide parents going through the process of divorce and separation. I offer an emotional assessment to cooperative parents to determine effective care and contact schedules and work very closely with members of the legal fraternity in this regard. 

I lecture on a part-time basis at a tertiary institution. This allows me to remain up-to-date with latest research and be actively involved in shaping the next generation of counsellors and psychologists. I am currently a faculty member at Cornerstone Institute where I work as a lecturer in Family Psychology and Psychometric Assessment. I also act as a supervisor for students in their post-graduate programmes, in addition to offering supervision to Registered Counsellors and fellow psychologists. 

I have been in private practise for more than 10 years. Over the years, I have developed a diverse multi-disciplinary network, and thoroughly enjoy engaging with a variety of professionals to ensure best approach for each client and each situation.
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Sharon Melrose Psychology